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Bring the crowd to your venue by holding a

Hot Bod Bikini Contests are running all year long at varies venues. See schedule on news and events page for more details. If you would like more information on holding a Hot Bod Bikini Contest at your venue, please email Jayme Lynne at

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Nightclubs, Bars, Outdoor Events, and Venues!!!!
Hold a Hot Bod Bikini Contest and watch your audience come alive!

Hot Bod Bikinis will handle all of the work. Bring the host, models, bikinis, paperwork, banners, photographers, and will help promote to bring the crowd!

Just sign up and we'll come meet with you to decide the best option for your venue.

Contact Information

Venues fill out the following information and a Hot Bod representative will contact you to schedule a meeting or email all the information you request. Look forward to working with you!

Venue Name:
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Hot Bod Bikini Contests run all year long. On most weeks Hot Bods will host 2-9 contests per week! In 2009 Hot Bods paid out over $90,000.00 in cash prize money! Here are a few pictures of the contests. If this looks like something you would like to do, sign up to be one of our models today!

Hot Bod Bikini Contests photos below. All pictures are property of Hot Bods and are not allowed to be copied unless you have a current contract with Hot Bods. To see all pictures from Hot Bod Bikini Contests subscribe to

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